Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners – it’s one of the hottest toys on the market, especially among the younger generation. They come in all colors and sizes, and many are even starting up a collection of fidget spinners. Some doctors are suggesting that fidget spinners are a great antidote for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, anxiety and autism.

However, a lot of classrooms are beginning to ban them, which makes it difficult for these special education students to make any use of them. These devices are small and have a ball-bearing design. You rotate it using your fingers.

Children seem to be thrilled with the sensory experience offered by the momentum of the spinners. It seems like a simple toy, but twirling the spinners can be a challenge. Today, you can find a variety of instructional videos showing you how to do neat tricks with the fidget spinner.

You can now find these toys being sold on various sites and stores. Most are being marketed towards those with ADHD, autism and anxiety. It also promotes that these devices can help with your concentration. The craze is so big, you can now find fidget spinner apps for iOS and android mobile devices.

But there’s nothing like the real thing. You can use the following tips to help you get better with spinning your fidgets.

Find What’s Comfortable for You

The first step is to find a spinning technique that feels good for you. Some may start swiping the fidget at the base, using a left to right motion. But you can also spin it from right to left. You can also swipe by placing your finger over the display, moving your finger from the corner in the left to the right corner.

Start Learning Different Tricks

This is one of the reasons fidget spinners have become so popular. There are various neat tricks you can do to impress yourself and your friends.

For instance, you can do the convertible trick. This is where you spin the fidget in one hand, using only your thumb and middle finger. After one rotation, you raise your thumb, so that your middle finger continues spinning it on its own.

Then there’s the change up trick. This is similar to the convertible, but the difference is that you keep your thumb up. You allow the spinner to continue spinning between the two fingers, then softly toss it to your opposite hand. Then you clamp down your thumb and middle finger the same way. You continue doing this back and forth, without allowing the fidget spinner to stop.

Another trick is the reverse sonic. This is a difficult one to pull of. You start by grabbing one of the three blades using your index finger and thumb. You throw it up in the air softly, then catch it at the middle bearing using the same thumb and index finger. Make sure the fidget continues spinning.

If you enjoy learning new things, you can check out the many courses available online at Udemy.